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À bientôt à Paris



We left London at 8:50 on the Eurostar from St. Pancras Train Station.  Here are a couple of pics from the station – notice the Olympic rings:











We arrived in Paris and went back to our original hotel and enjoyed the bottle of champagne we’d gotten when we first arrived….. had to get ready for Joel Robuchon!



Our reservations at L’Atelier Joel Robuchon were for 6:30pm – a little early for us but that’s all that they offer on a reservation basis.  It was on the other side of the Seine and traffic was horrific.  I wanted to be there just a little bit late but not lose our reservation!  Not to worry, everything worked out fine.  This was to be my first birthday dinner…. there are many to follow, trust me!











Everything was outstanding.  We ordered several small courses somewhat like tapas style.  We were able to take some hints from those around us and everyone was fairly fluent in English…. although honestly sometimes it’s really hard to understand them because of the accent.  Anyway, we sat next to a family of four from New York – lived in Connecticut.  They had two small girls and a dog…. can you believe it?  Taking small children (they were probably 4-6 years old) and a dog into a restaurant like this???  We loved it.  They were a great couple – she spoke French fluently since she was born in Paris and he was of Belgian descendant… can’t get any better than that!  Anette, I took their picture just to show you that even Raya could have a good time at Robuchon.


We had a variety of different plates – all were exquisite…. here they are:

Tomato gazpacho – velvety

Eggplant with mozzarella

Iberian ham to go with the bruschetta – absolutely delicious!

Crevettes (Shrimp) wrapped in very thin vermicelli and fried – yum!

Langoustine in a puff pastry

Crab royal served cold with a salad casing.

John Dory – known as St. Pierre in France

Angus Beef

Joel Robuchon’s famous mashed potatoes – is there enough butter in here for you?

Quel dommage – no more mashed potatoes.


The mashed potatoes are honestly magical… you’ve never had anything quite as delicate from a potato.  Evidently everyone asks for them when they come here and I’m so glad that I knew to order them.


Last but not least – the desserts…..


It was called Frais – strawberries on top of a very light custard.

Chocolate – very intense and velvety.

It probably seems like a lot of food but it actually was just right.  I first had my doubts about a counter offered French gourmet meal but it was an outstanding experience and actually a lot of fun.  Not stuffy… not pretentious… excellent food…. and a good time.  I won’t mention how many euros we offered to alleviate the European financial crisis – Angela Merkel would be proud!

I’m a little sorry to leave Paris in the morning but we’ll be back in another week or so.  What a great city and one that always continues to shine from my perspective.  We leave tomorrow early to board the train to Bordeaux.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

If you read my blog, please take a moment to share a comment…. if nothing else than to say that you were here.  Hope you enjoy!




The Union Jack flying all over London

Wow!!!  Taking the Eurostar through the Chunnel is great!  It’s a very smooth ride, the seats are very comfortable, and you’re there in a very short time….. 2 1/2 hours Paris to central London.  Today started with a slight rain.  When we arrived in London we had to wait for our hotel room and of course, it was rainy and blistery.  Winds were blowing and we must have been around 60 degrees compared to yesterday’s 90 degrees…. talk about a change!

What to have for lunch?  Why fish and chips at a local pub, right?  And that’s just the way it went.  We found a nice out of the way pub called Two Chairmen very close to Trafalgar Square.  Here’s my pic of the Square with Admiral Nelson looking great among the fluffy clouds.

Just before we had lunch we stopped by the Queen’s Palace…. and yes, apparently she was there this week because the royal banner was flying high.  I spoke to one of the “Event Coordinators” who was pleased as punch to tell me why the Mall was closed until the end of September and what activities were planned.  Apparently, there are several races planned on the street including the Marathon during the Olympics.  Here’s the view:


Buckingham Palace


The Mall and preparations


And finally, they just put up the Olympic Rings on the Tower Bridge earlier this week and I think I got a great shot of the bridge and the wonderful sky above.



It was short stay in London but always worth the visit.  We ended the day with a visit to a great Chinese restaurant called Hakkasan.  The food is terrific, they have wonderful cocktails and the vibe is intense….. everyone’s having a great time.

So Anette, we almost missed the train this morning waiting for you and Faisal to show up and join us on the Eurostar…. where were you?  What a great time we would have had.  You both would have loved Hakkasan and the entire scene there.

So, that’s it for tonight…. I know, it’s a short blog but we’re back on the run tomorrow early to catch the train back to Paris… I’m sure I’ll have a few more food pics tomorrow when we go to a special Parisian landmark.  Until then, Cheerio from London!