Rainy Day in Antwerp

Rainy day in Antwerp doesn’t even begin to describe the rain we experienced today…. wow, it was something else.

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel – it was excellent…. almost like having your own maid cook you breakfast.  We were the only ones having breakfast this morning and were treated like royalty… everything was freshly made and presented.

We were off to go shopping…. looking for a new shirt or something like that.  We wandered off into different parts of the city and never really found what we were looking for.  Instead, I caught a few good pictures.


Look at that sky – beautiful now


Sint Joris Church


Entrance to Sint Joris



Interior of Sint Joris


Interior of Sint Joris


Interior of Sint Joris


We then walked back to the main square after getting very lost and turned around.  Anyway, we made it back just it time for me to get these close ups of the gold statues on the buildings – they’re really very beautiful.


The gold shimmers in the sunlight


Another building


Close up of the Town Hall


Time for a couple of beers and just in time…. all of a sudden the skies got very dark and opened up.  It was a downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning for about 2 hours.  We thought we’d have to have a dozen more beers but we lucked out and made it back to the hotel without having to use our umbrellas.  The downpour really caught a lot of people off guard and it was amazing to see just how much water came down.


There was a temporary stage set up in the main square… you may have seen it in some of my shots yesterday.  Today was a special Flanders Festival where food was offered, drinks were available, and live music starting about 7:30pm.  It was great and the square was filled with people.  Just a few shots of the activities:


One of the food areas


Preparing the stage


Flanders Festival


The show and the audience


Backdrop to the stage


Crowds in front of the Town Hall


Final nighttime shot of the cathedral


The forecast for tomorrow seems OK but it looks like Friday is going to be a very rainy day.  We’ll see…. we’re always prepared with umbrellas and there’s always a cafe close by 😉




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  1. Kari

    Amazing photos, I love Sint Joris Church. This is the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

    Thank you both for sharing your vacation with us

    July 13, 2012 at 10:20 am

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