Hanging Out in Maastricht


Today was a pretty laid back day…. although it turned to be a very beautiful day weather wise.  It never really rained and the sky was mostly blue with a lot of puffy clouds.  We started the day by touring some different parts of the city.  As I mentioned before, Maastricht lies on the Maas River so we went to the other side of the river to discover a less touristy area.  We were able to cross over the St. Servaas Bridge which is a stone bridge and dates back to 1298 making it the oldest bridge in The Netherlands.  We visited St. Maartens church and then came back to the central area of Maastrict.  Here are some pictures:


View of St. Maartens Church from afar


View of Maastricht


Monument – not sure of what


St. Maartens Church


St. Maartens Church interior


St. Maartens Church


View of St. Servaas Bridge


Maastrict View


St. Servaas Bridge


Het Dinghuis


As you can tell from the picture above, the city was filled with people today.  Most of the stores opened late, however….. usually noon or 1pm.  I guess the folks from Maastricht want to extend the weekend as long as possible.


The day turned out great because we didn’t have any schedules to follow and the weather was perfect.  We did a lot of cafe hopping going from square to square.  It turns out that there are a lot of open areas to catch a cup of coffee or have a beer – and of course, people watch.  We did it all and had a great afternoon.  We ended the day by having dinner in one of the local brasseries.  A very nice way to end our stay in Maastricht.


Tomorrow we’re off to Belgium and we’ll see what adventures we can experience along the way.



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